Could this Mod fix Mass Effect Andromeda's graphics?

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Published by Mikey 1 year ago , last updated 9 months ago

It's been well documented that Mass Effect: Andromeda has been plagued with quite a few graphical issues with it's initial release. Whether those issues will be fixed with later patches or DLC is yet to be seen, but a new mod by TheMercsAssassin on Nexus Mods is aiming to fix at least some of the graphical anomalies of the game.

The mod, titled "ReShade" changes how the game interacts with the Frostbite Engine to fix up the lighting, ambient occlusion, dynamic highlights and darker dynamic shadows. ReShade also adds a film grain effect, and increased sharpness.

(From the Mods description:)

This ReShade changes the game's atmosphere to something far more cinematic. This mod invokes the feeling you get when you see pre-rendered cinematic trailers for games and are in disbelief because of how stupidly-good everything looks.

Well you'll no longer need to merely wonder when graphics will get that good. With this mod, they are that good.

Light sources will be more pronounced than in the vanilla game :)

Download the mod at Nexus Mods (sorry! It does not fix the faces)

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