Could Titanfall's Harvesters appear in Apex Legends?

By FileTrekker 4 years ago

Regular players of Apex Legends might have noticed that some mysterious blue lights have appeared in the sky recently on World's Edge, and it's lead to some hot speculation as to what might be going on. It seems though that one theory has taken hold, and even has some circumstantial evidence, thanks to dataminers.

Posting to Twitter, Shrugtal, a well known dataminer on the Apex Legends scene, noted that he had found assets that suggest that the Harvesters from Titalfall may be appearing soon, further speculating the blue lights may be thrusters of a ship which had delivered them.

Given World's Edge features construction signs with the Hammond Robotics logo on them, which also featured in Titanfall, this seems to all but confirm the rumor. There's also data to show that there's a new upcoming zone known as Harvester.

Apex Legends does indeed take place in the same universe as Titanfall, although it's not often highlighted or mentioned, so this isn't entirely surprising, but should prove interesting to say the least. Harvesters tend to mine a planet for their assets, so it could lead to some big changes to World's Edge.


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