Create your own Game Boy games without coding knowledge

By FileTrekker 5 years ago, last updated 2 years ago

Here's something really, really awesome - it's called GB Studio - and it's a brand new tool that lets you create fully authentic Game Boy games without the need for any coding knowledge whatsoever. The advances of technology, eh?

They're actual games, too. If you have one of those fancy fangled MicroSD to cartridge devices that we strictly only recommend for homebrew titles, then you can load your resulting rom onto it and it plays perfectly on actual hardware. You could even produce your own cartridges, if you were so inclined and had to money and equipment, I suppose.

it works like any other point and click game creator, in that it's a very much WYSIWYG (What You See is What You Get) type of affair, there's no need to know how to code or do subroutines or any of that complicated jargon. All you need to do is click an object, place it, tell it what you want it to do, or where to go, and go from there. 

You can get more technical with the tool but it makes creating games a breeze, and with practice, I can see some pretty amazing games coming out of it. It's geared towards making adventure games, such as a Zelda type affair. There's no combat abilities possible currently, but you can do branching quest-lines, quests, puzzles and other types of fun RPG type stuff.

Oh, and the best bit? You don't need to faff around with emulators or real hardware - you can turn the game into an HTML5 web app, which makes it ripe for uploading to the internet or even releasing it to something like the Apple or Google Play store.

You can check it out at the GB Studio website.


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