Crusader Kings II Patch Brings Massive Performance Boost

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Published by Serio 2 years ago , last updated 10 months ago

Paradox Interactive has a history of post-launch support(though their DLC model leaves much to be desired, but that's for another article altogether). Their historical feudal murder-reign simulator, Crusader Kings II, is no different. This previous week saw the release of patch 2.6.0, along with the new Reaper's Due DLC.

While the DLC itself has been positively received, it is by far the patch itself that the community has taken the most interest in. For years, in particular since the Rajas of India DLC in 2014, the game has suffered from severe performance problems, only exacerbated with each new expansion.

With 2.6.0, however, this has all changed. Whereas the game ran sluggishly for many, Paradox Development Studio(the game developing arm of Paradox Interactive) have gone out of their way to fix many of the issues that people reported the most, including the performance.

Reddit user /r/CK2Benchmarks, specialised in - as the name implies - Crusader Kings II benchmarks, recently posted a thorough analysis of the 2.6.0 patch and compared it to the previous iterations.

Not only has Crusader Kings 2 been heavily optimized in the recent patch, it has already surpassed the performance of its nearly three old iteration which contains neither the map expansions to India and central Asia, or DLC features such as tribals, nomads, life focuses, councils, diseases, and the silk road.

As someone who personally suffered the same issues, it's a fantastic thing to witness. The tests show that playing a full 684 years in the game used to take an average of 15 hours on the benchmark system, whereas post-patch it's down to only 8 and a half hours.

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