Crysis 2 Car Keys

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Posted on March 23, 2011, GameFront Staff Crysis 2 Car Keys

Unfortunately, the car keys in Crysis 2 don’t allow you to actually drive anything — they’re just scattered around for your finding pleasure. Some of them can be a little hard to spot, however, so you can use this page to make sure you’ve tracked them all down. Also, don’t hesitate to take advantage of our full walkthrough, along with our cheats page, which collects useful Crysis 2 information.

Chapter 3: Sudden Impact

  1. Climb to the top of the stairway you reach after leaving the parking garage. Look next to a corpse and a pile of debris.

Chapter 4: Road Rage

After you pass the machine gun turret, but before you acquire the ICV, look for a wall with barbed wire on the top that protects a shipping container. Look inside the container to retrieve the key, along with a cache of supplies.

Chapter 5: Lab Rat

Go to the extreme north end of the freeway and look for a blue car parked in a corner. The key is there, near two corpse and a matching pair of stop signs.

Chapter 6: Gate Keepers

After descending the window washing platform, search the nearby alley for a small set of stairs on the north end.

Chapter 7: Dead Man Walking

Located on a planter on the street surface, next to a white teddy bear. To reach them, go west, past the intersection, to the end of the road that lies opposite to the starting point.

Chapter 8: Seat of Power

While in the train station, look for an opportunity to run and jump across a gap in the tracks. You’ll reach a corpse seated on a row of blue chairs. The key is to his left.

Chapter 9: Dark Heart

On the end of the counter in the security office, which you’ll have to access in order to call the elevator.

Chapter 11: Corporate Collapse

Quite close to the beginning of the level, inside a train car that lies toppled in the valley.

Chapter 12: Train to Catch

Inside the Vehicle Decontamination Bay Office, on the table.

Chapter 15: Power Out

Right after the checkpoint en route Times Square, duck into the security trailer on your right. The car key is on the table, next to the entrance.

Chapter 18: Out of the Ashes

On a rock beyond the vehicles, on the side of the waterway.

Chapter 19: A Walk in the Park

Inside the bus that’s dangling off the edge. Follow the walkway to the small snack stand on your way to the bus.
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