Crysis 2 Dog Tags

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Posted on March 23, 2011, GameFront Staff Crysis 2 Dog Tags

Awarded for completing various tasks in both the singleplayer and multiplayer, and also just scattered around the gameworld, Crysis 2′s 150 dog tags enable you to customize the facade you show other players when they’re checking out your profile. Those interested in finding them all, or finding specific tags, can check out our full text and video guide, below. They can be pretty hard to spot! We also have a singleplayer walkthrough and a cheats page, which collects useful Crysis 2 information.

Chapter 2: Second Chance

  1. In the warehouse, next to the body of the Prophet, on a bloody wheeled table with some surgical equipment on it.

Chapter 3: Sudden Impact

In the underpass section, near to a large red, white and blue bus. There’ll be doorway across from the bus on the right, next to a dumpster. Look inside for the tags.

Chapter 5: Lab Rat

In Gould’s house, in the room with the two book shelves side-by-side, near the radiator, the telescope, and the window.

Chapter 7: Dead Man Walking

After calling the elevator in the security office and riding it up, turn left and hop over the red velvet ropes. The tag is there, inside an open security deposit box.

Chapter 8: Seat of Power

Move through the showers until the pathway makes a hard right. You should be able to see a corrugated metal structure with a number of body bags in it. Turn on Nanovision and search for the dog tag on the table.

Chapter 9: Dark Heart

In a maintenance area, on the east side of the subway tunnel, across from where the MK.60 was. Follow the hallway to the north until you reach a dead marine with the tag next to him. On top of the red scaffolding in the subway’s station area.

Chapter 10: Semper Fi or Die

Before following your comrades into the pipe, search near the level’s end for a dead marine and his dog tag.

Chapter 11: Coporate Collapse

After you evade the flood, dive back into the water and swim south. There is a hard-to-see dog tag near a submerged car.

Chapter 13: Unsafe Haven

By a pallet of supplies in the upper defense station, reached by moving east past the soldiers standing by the bridge.

Chapter 14: Terminus

On the table in the room in which you meet Colonel Barclay.

Chapter 15: Power Out

On the table next to a military truck — run to it after the first VTOL aircraft takes off.

Chapter 16: Eye of the Storm

After you are temporarily trapped in a garage, enter the room to the left. The tag is next to the gun crate, adjacent to some cardboard boxes.

Chapter 17: Masks Off

Towards the beginning of the level, on the second floor. Kill the guys by the security office and in the lobby, then head upstairs. Look for some ammo crates and a Stealth Scarab, with some yellow crime-scene tape nearby.

Chapter 18: Out of the Ashes

Once inside, look the back of the empty, broken elevator, to the left of the one that Alcatraz ends up riding. On top of the tallest greenhouse on the roof of the building. Climb up the lower portion of the greenhouse to get there.

Chapter 19: A Walk in the Park

Beneath the yellow tents in the underpass tunnel, on a mattress that’s been folded against the wall.
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