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Posted on March 25, 2011, GameFront Staff Crysis 2 E-mails

E-mails are one of Crysis 2′s four idiosyncratic sets of collectibles. You’ll find them on tablet PC’s scattered throughout the game-world, and the 21st century missives will both establish the game‘s hyper-modern sensibilities and also give you an excuse to ogle the game’s beautiful graphics.

Some games will be harder to find than others, though, which is why we’ve prepared this comprehensive guide. Check below for any you might have missed.

Chapter 2: Second Chance

  1. On a table, in the center of the castle’s courtyard.

Chapter 5: Second Chance

Inside the warehouse, in the downstairs office, which is located on the south side of the building, between the two entrances.

Chapter 6: Gate Keepers

In the northeastern part of the churchyard, inside an orange command and control trailer, on a desk.

Chapter 7: Dead Man Walking

On the end of the counter in the security office, which you’ll have to access in order to call the elevator.

Chapter 8: Seat of Power

Once you enter the next building after the evacuation center, look for the computer on the reception desk, which contains the e-mail.

Chapter 11: Corporate Collapse

In the office to the left of the metal detectors, in the Hargreave-Rasch building, near the vending machines.

Chapter 16: Eye of the Storm

On a table in the main entrway of the first building Alcatraz infiltrates in the mission. On a desk in the office located in the far corner of the generator room. In the control room where Lockhart is hiding, opposite the window through which he eventually flies out.

Chapter 17: Masks Off

As you escape the building’s self-destruction, look for a room lit up in red with a cell and a bunch of electronics. The e-mail tablet is on the floor, to the left of the exit.
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