Crysis 2 Souvenirs

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Posted on March 23, 2011, GameFront Staff Crysis 2 Souvenirs

Scattered around the singleplayer campaign, the Crysis 2 souvenirs give players something to remember New York by. Given that aliens have invaded the Big Apple, you’d think that bruises, bullet wounds, and probosci scars would suffice, but the nano-suit protects against all that stuff. Instead, you’ll have to keep your eyes peeled to track down all 18 souvenirs and gather the “Tourist” achievement/trophy.

Or, you could do things the easy way, and take advantage of our HD walkthrough video, which will point you directly to where you need to go. Check it out below. We’ve also got a full game walkthrough and a cheats page, which collects all sorts of useful and interesting Crysis 2 information.

Chapter 2: Second Chance

  1. After you leave Battery Park, look for a gift shop near a barricade. Inside you’ll find a miniature Statue of Liberty with a glowing outline.

Chapter 3: Sudden Impact

Inside the attendant’s booth in the level’s second parking garage. Use a power kick on the door around back to get inside; the souvenir is on a shelf.

Chapter 4: Road Rage

Look for the “God Help Us” graffiti at the top of the stairs, just to the north of the gate in the fence.

Chapter 5: Lab Rat

After you drop through the hole created by the fallen helicopter, search the room for a wooden crate. The souvenir, a miniature model of the New York skyline, is inside it.

Chapter 6: Gate Keepers

At the entrance to the church, look for a bunch of cardboard boxes stacked on top of each other. If you face the doors, the souvenir will be on the right.

Chapter 7: Dead Man Walking

On the end of the counter in the security office, which you’ll have to access in order to call the elevator.

Chapter 8: Seat of Power

Inside the next building you reach after leaving the evacuation center, in the middle office along the western side of the building, on a table.

Chapter 9: Dark Heart

Directly opposite the green door that leads out of the first subway area.

Chapter 10: Semper Fi or Die

Inside the Super Savin’ discount store on the rim of the crater. The souvenir is on the checkout counter.

Chapter 11: Corporate Collapse

At the bottom of the water-filled crater near the Statue of Liberty’s head, to the west. Look for an ammo crate and this souvenir.

Chapter 12: Train to Catch

On the right-hand end of the library’s reception desk, near the postcards.

Chapter 13: Unsafe Haven

Next to the fan and the button, inside the parking office.

Chapter 14: Terminus

Next to the map, on the table in the planning room.

Chapter 15: Power Out

On the counter inside Amin’s sandwich bar in Times Square. Starting from the evacuation center, turn left and hug the wall on your way to the shop.

Chapter 16: Eye of the Storm

On a table, inside the watchtower, in the corner of the substation area. You’ll have to climb a transformer and make a running jump for the tower — don’t get shocked!

Chapter 17: Masks Off

By the big world map, in the room you talk to Hargreave in.

Chapter 18: Out of the Ashes

Move to the southeast corner of the green office room and try to spot the hotel’s wood floorboards. With a running jump, you should be able to get to the bedroom above the bathroom and find this souvenir, on the floor at the foot of the bed.

Chapter 19: A Walk in the Park

Beyond the amphitheater stage, in a shipping container on the slope. You’ll have to detonate the fuel drums inside the container, which will blow its doors off and enable you to access the souvenir inside.
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