Crysis 3: Ketchup Briefcase Easter Egg [Video]

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Posted on February 27, 2013, GameFront Staff Crysis 3: Ketchup Briefcase Easter Egg [Video]

Crysis 3 gives up more of the red stuff with yet another easter egg, discovered by our very own GameFront Walkthroughs Youtube Channel. We’ve already seen a Ceph field goal, Thor’s Hammer, and a CELL soldier dance party, but now we have ketchup packets. Zac suggests this might be the secret behind the briefcase in Pulp Fiction. That’s just one (admittedly plausible) theory, so what’s the deal with the ketchup? Leave us your ideas in the comments.

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Ketchup Briefcase Easter Egg

  • This special briefcase literally spews ketchup packets. To find it, load Mission 3: The Root of all Evil.
  • Play until Psycho opens the elevator door. Hopping into the shaft, the elevator cables will snap. Stepping back outside to find a CELL patrol, complete with a helicopter flyby below your high perch.
  • Clear out the area, and move toward the dam. On the way there, there are ruined buildings on the left in the dark before reaching the very wide open section ahead.
  • Explore the left buildings, there’s some rubble you can climb onto and jump high to reach a tricky-to-spot ledge. Pull yourself up into the ruins.
  • Turn around, and keep jumping up one level after another until you get to the top. In the corner ahead, there’s a broken wall with the floor missing. Jump into the alcove right of the hole to find the secret suitcase.
  • Interact with the glowing suitcase on the ground. Now you can enjoy all the ketchup a man in a Nanosuit will ever need.

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