CS:GO gets a huge Dust-2 update, new weapons and modes

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Published by FileTrekker 10 months ago , last updated 10 months ago

CS:GO 's new Operation Riptide update has just dropped, and it's brought with it a huge number of new modes, weapons, and changes to the game's balance, along with a huge update to Dust 2 that blocks the visibility of the double doors at mid-doors from T-Spawn.

This means that the mid corridor on Dust 2, that's pretty infamous for trolls and frag videos where players get easy kills as somebody spawns in, will no longer be the bain of existence it used to be. The cheap sightline has now been blocked with a solid wall, finally. This will be a huge and welcome change.

There are changes to competitive matches too, which can now last for 16 rounds, down from the usual 30. This will significantly reduce the lengths of matches, something that may prove popular with many. You can also drop grenades for your teammates to collect now, which is a cool new feature that should change the balance somewhat.

The final big change is the addition of Riot Shields to hostage operations. There are also a few other changes, and you can find the full rundown on the official update post.

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