Cyberpunk 2077 2.1 update finally adds a ridable metro system

By FileTrekker 3 months ago, last updated 3 months ago

I was honestly thrilled by the upgrades the 2.0 update for Cyberpunk 2077 brought to the table, reworking the levelling system, skill trees, finally adding actual threatening police officers, and much much more besides, but the one thing I always lamented was a ridable metro system, or NCART as the system in known in-universe.

Well, fear no longer, as a ridable NCART train is finally here! The new update allows you to ride five different metro lines covering different stations across the game world - you can fast-travel, boring, or sit on the train and watch the wonders of Night City pass by your window. Call me weird, but I'm excited to ride around watching the world go by.

Interestingly enough, the idea of a fully ridable metro system wasn't in the scope of the original game. It always felt a little weird to me having these big, wide open NCART stations that essentially did nothing but act as a fast travel point, they felt a little incomplete, but according to producer Monika Janowska, the feature “was not in our plan for a long time. However, we’ve revisited our plans and we decided that it actually could be achievable.”

“We saw everyone talking about the Metro in the original trailer, and the trailer for Solomon Reed also had it for Phantom Liberty, so we thought maybe it was about time to make it for the game – so we did!”

There's much more to the update than nerding out about trains; there's an entirely new functionality to romances that allows V to invite someone over to one of the game's many unlockable apartments, where you can hang out and spend some quality time together. Judy, Panam, River and Kerry are all available to join you in a hangout if you've completed their quests.

Bikes are also getting an overhaul, with a new lean mechanic making them much more fun to ride, especially in the corners. According to the video above, you can now “lean back and apply the gas to do a wheelie, lean forward and apply the brake to do an endo. Changing your Center of Mass changes how much traction you have at either end. Lean forward a little mid-corner to induce oversteer, and lean a little back to induce understeer. In the air, lean forward/backward to do flips, steer to do spins.” 

There are a bunch of new races available after you complete The Beast in Me quest, and there are some new gigs too, including a bunch that require you to boost some cars or deliver packages which will end up in enemies chasing you down. Finally, there are a bunch of bug fixes and improvements, which are always welcome to see. The patch releases tomorrow, December 5th.


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