Cyberpunk 2077 added mod tools and immediately regretted it

By Lapis Lazuli 3 years ago, last updated 3 years ago

Cyberpunk 2077 developers CD Projekt Red have officially released a set of modding tools, allowing the community to create their own mods and other content for the game. Less than 24 hours later, regret set in, when CD Projekt Red was found to be furiously trying to take down a mod that allowed players to have sex with Keanu Reeves.

First for the good news, though. The tools, long-promised by CD Projekt, aren't quite as in-depth as The Witcher 3's just yet - but there's some cool stuff in here for modders to get stuck into, including Cyberpunk specific of the Metadata, ArchiveDump, TweakDump utilities, along with a list of TweakDB IDs.

That may sound complicated, but essentially these tools will allow modders to start doing more complex things with Cyberpunk 2077 going forward. In fact, less than 24 hours after releasing, somebody had already created a mod that let players have sex with Keanu Reeves.

It didn't take very long, unfortunately, and understandably CD Projekt Red isn't too keen on their game being used to portray Keanu in such a way. The mod has since been taken down, with a simple message stating that the mod creator was "clearing things out with CDPR."

It seems CD Projekt Red isn't keen for gamers to make such mods with real-life personas, which frankly I agree with. There are a lot of moral and ethical issues with that, frankly. It's sad that certain modders immediately had to spoil a good thing....


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