Dark Souls: Archthrones is a stunning Total Conversion mod for DS3

By FileTrekker a year ago, last updated a year ago

We like to consider ourselves "experts" at Souls games here at GameFront... actually, when it comes to Dark Souls 3, our resident James Heaney is something of an expert, beating the game during a 24-hour charity live stream last year, so, naturally, we're always on the look-out for exciting mods for Souls games to try out.

Dark Souls: Archthrones launched a new gameplay showcase trailer this past week, and it certainly caught my attention. There's 15 minutes of footage here showing off various levels and demonstrations of how it remixes content in Dark Souls 3 with elements from other FromSoft titles, along with brand new content, to create a uniquely familiar experience. 

The trailer shows off some interesting new areas, including the Rainswept Outpost (which serves as a tutorial area) that contains a return of the Vanguard from Demon's Souls, before heading to the Nexus of Embers, which is this mod's replacement for the Firelink Shrine. It's seriously impressive just how different it is visually compared to the base game. 

Interestingly there's gameplay changes too, with the guard counter mechanic from Elden Ring being modded into the game, with some changes. Many enemies here will have movesets from other games too, including one part of the trailer where you can see a miniboss clearly using a moveset from the Nightjar Ninja from Sekiro.

Other Dark Souls levels appear remixed too, including the Ruins of Blue, a remix of the Tower of Flame from DS2, and the War-Torn Village, which is remixed from the Undead Settlement with brand new enemies and level geometry to explore.

It truly does look excellent, and if you're craving new Souls-like experiences to tide you over before the next Elden Ring DLC, this could certainly scratch that itch. Unfortunately, we're not yet sure when the mod will release, but you can support its development on the team's Patreon page.


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