Dark Souls Blacksmith Guide

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Posted on October 13, 2011, GameFront Staff Dark Souls Blacksmith Guide

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For a game called Dark Souls, souls are apparently pretty important to the world economy. You’re just going to lose those souls with all your constant dying, so you might as well stop by a blacksmith and spend those souls. Here, you’ll learn where to find all the blacksmiths in Dark Souls, where to find them, and what embers to give them. Improving your equipment is tantamount to victory in the dreary world of Dark Souls, so never ignore these handy and helpful workers. For help surviving your way to these blacksmiths, check out Game Front’s huge walkthrough. If you’re looking for more extra coverage for Dark Souls, check out the cheats page.

The Blacksmiths

(Additional details added. Thanks to Moe for the tips!)

Rickert of Vinheim

Location: Find Rickert in a cell, in the New Londo Ruins. You can find him down the path from the elevator shortcut between the New Londo Ruins and the Firelink Shrine. Look along the cliff face to spot him sitting in a barred cell.

Usable Embers:
  • Large Magic Ember (Magic Ascension) – The Duke’s Archives
  • Enchanted Ember (Enchanted Ascension) – Darkroot Garden

Items Sold:

  • Heavy Soul Arrow – 4000 souls
  • Soul Arrow – 4000 souls
  • Sorcerer’s Catalyst – 500 souls

Andre of Astora

Location: Find Andre near the exit of the Undead Parish, in the tower leading into both Sen’s Fortress and into the Darkroot Garden. You’ll find him down the steps from the bonfire.

Usable Embers:
  • Large Ember (Normal Equipment +10) – Found in Depths
  • Very Large Ember (Normal Equipment +15) – Found in New Londo Ruins
  • Divine Ember (Divine Ascension) – Found in Darkroot Garden
  • Large Divine Ember (Divine Ascension) – Found in Tomb of the Giants
  • Dark Ember (Occult Ascension) – Found in Painted World of Ariamis
Important Items Sold:
  • Titanite Shard – 800 souls
  • Crest of Artorias – 20000 souls
  • Weapon Smithbox – 2000 souls
  • Armor Smithbox – 2000 souls
  • Repairbox – 1000 souls

Giant Blacksmith

Location: Find the Giant at the bottom of the castle wing left of the central main hall leading to Smough and Ornstein’s boss door. Head up the stairs, cross into the next building, and run down the stairs to find him. Continue back outside and deal with the demons to unlock a shortcut door.

Usable Embers:
  • Lightning (Lightning Ascension) – Default
  • Crystal Ember (Crystal Ascension) – Found in Duke’s Archives
Items Sold:
  • Giant’s Halberd – 5000 souls
  • Giant Shield – 10000 souls
  • Moonlight Arrow – 500 souls
  • Dragonslayer Arrow – 500 souls
  • Lightning Bolt – 700 souls
  • Giant Helm – 6000 souls
  • Giant Armor – 8000 souls
  • Giant Gauntlets – 6000 souls
  • Giant Leggings – 6000 souls


Location: This is the trickiest blacksmith to find. In the catacombs you’ll find a spiral staircase leading down into a seemingly bottomless pit. Jump down from ledge to ledge to reach the bottom of the pit and land in a small tomb where Vamos will break open an exit for you.

Usable Embers:
  • Large Flame Ember (Fire Ascension) – Found in the Demon Ruins
  • Chaos Flame Ember (Chaos Ascension) – Found in the Demon Ruins
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