Dark Souls Easy Soul Farming Guide

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Posted on October 11, 2011, GameFront Staff Dark Souls Easy Soul Farming Guide

Dying just comes naturally in Dark Souls, and everytime you die you lose all those precious souls you’ve been holding onto. You’re going to need some help, so check out our total video and text walkthrough. Enough about that, because you’ll never be in need of souls again. Either early in Dark Souls or late, you’ll find a method for gaining all the extra souls you need to level up your character, upgrade your equipment, or purchasing the gear you desperately need to survive this harsh world.

For even more extra content on Dark Souls, check out our cheats page, or you can keep scrolling down to discover two unique methods for farming souls.

Easy Soul Farming Guide

  1. Early in the game, the easiest place to farm souls is in the Undead Parish. Nearing the bridge to the Undead Parish, you’ll need to duck under the bridge as a dragon sprays fire. Under the bridge, you can unlock a door leading back to Firelink Shrine.
  2. Stop at the bonfire and rest to respawn the Hollow Soldiers on the Undead Parish Bridge. Just move between the Firelink Shrine and the Undead Parish, running up the steps to the top of the bridge. The dragon will sweep by with another flame attack, killing every enemy and netting you 300 easy souls.
  3. Run back and forth, but that isn’t the best method for soul farming, there is another later in the game that is much better.
  4. In the Undead Parish, you can find an NPC Blacksmith selling a unique item — the Crest of Artorias for 20000 souls. That might sound steep for a key, but you can make those souls back fast. The key opens a special door deep in the Darkroot Garden.
  5. You’ll find a large door with a blue seal on the path towards the Moonlight Butterfly boss, before entering the large area filled with giant stone sentinels. Just next to this blue-sealed door is a hidden bonfire, make sure to break down the wall and rest here.
  6. Through the sealed door, you’ll enter another large forest area. This one is filled with difficult ghosts and Protectors, all of which may be too difficult for you to defeat at an early stage of the game. The best option is to just not fight them at all.
  7. While entering the large forest area through the blue-sealed door, you’ll take steps down. To the left, as you enter, you’ll see a small cliff ledge with room enough to stand on next to the stone stairs.
  8. The goal is to draw the ghosts and human opponents towards the stairs and wait in the corner, on the ground, on sliver of land between the bottomless pit and the stone landing. If you wait against the wall, your opponents will run up the steps and try to attack you from above.
  9. They won’t run directly at you if you wait in the corner, just stand and hold your shield up. They’ll either try to jump down after you and drop themselves off the cliff, or land on the ground. On the ground, they’ll try to circle around you, and inevitably drop themselves over the edge.
  10. Each of these enemies, when they die, will net you several thousand easy souls. Just run back to the bonfire and rest to make the enemies respawn, and do it all over again. Goodluck!

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