Dark Souls Infinite Souls Exploit

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Posted on October 11, 2011, GameFront Staff Dark Souls Infinite Souls Exploit

Everyone knows Dark Souls is hard, and you will die, so check out our huge walkthrough to get help. But, there are other methods to gaining those souls you so desperately need to finally overcome the challenges of Dark Souls. Get 9000 souls every minute with this simple method, available after completing the first section of the game. Read on to get the goods.

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Infinite Souls Exploit

WARNING: This only works for unpatched versions of Dark Souls. Do not connect to the internet while playing Dark Souls.

  1. Before using this exploit, you’ll need to find the Undead Female Merchant, in the bridge shortcut between the Firelink Shrine and the Undead Parish. You can buy a cheap item called Prism Stones from her for 10 souls each.
  2. Now that the Undead Female Merchant is available, you’ll need to complete your first big objective in Dark Souls — ringing the bells in the Undead Parish and in Quelaag’s Domain. Defeat the Bellfry Gargoyles and ring the bell in the Under Parish, then defeat Quelaag in her Domain at the bottom of Blighttown.
  3. Once both bells are rung, the Kingseeker Frampt will appear in the Firelink Shrine. The giant serpent can be fed items for souls — and there’s a small glitch with the Prism Stones, bought from the Undead Female Merchant. You can buy Prism Stones for 10 souls each, then feed them to the Kingseeker Frampt for 100 souls.
  4. Buy the maximum amount of Prism Stones, then sell them to the Kingseeker for an easy 9000 souls. This can be repeated as often as you want.
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