Dark Souls Mouse Mod Updated for a true PC experience

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Published by FileTrekker 5 years ago , last updated 4 years ago

We've already [url=https://www.filesnation.com/articles/view/get-true-dark-souls-pc-experience-with-this-mouse-mod-961486]reported on this mod back in March[/url], but this must-have mod for Dark Souls has now been updated with several new enhancements, making the mouse control experience even better, for a much more pleasing PC experience.

Designed originally for consoles, Dark Souls had a truly horrific control scheme when it was released, especially when it came to mouse controls, which inexplicably had a mouse-to-gamepad emulation layer, instead of directly driving the game. The Dark Souls Mouse Mod aimed to resolve that particular quirk, in addition to other small fixes and tweaks which greatly improved the game's control on mouse and keyboard.

Version 1.4 has now been released, and as well as making major fixes to bugs and stability, it also allows you to make more granular changes to the game's control scheme.


For example, it is now possible to combine keyboard and mouse combinations, so you could, as an example, cast a spell by pressing Space + W + Wheel Up at the same time. Additionally, you can now bind non-standard actions to specific keys, so you can now re-assign things like Auto Run or Leap Attack to a key of your choice.

One other nice feature is the ability to flick between targets simply by making a flicking action with the mouse. In addition there are now more options regarding the sensitivity of the mouse control

You can find more information, as well as a download, over on [url=https://www.reddit.com/r/pcgaming/comments/69t878/darksoulsmousefix_v14_beta_released_new_binding/]this Reddit thread[/url].

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