Dark Souls NPC Ally Locations

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Posted on October 12, 2011, GameFront Staff Dark Souls NPC Ally Locations

Dark Souls is hard, very hard, so don’t mess around and just use our video and text walkthrough to give you an edge. With that out of the way, getting through Dark Souls without help against the momentously difficult bosses is nigh impossible — luckily for those that can’t find an online player, there are NPCs that can be summoned to provide an extra sword during boss fights. Make sure you’re alive (As opposed to dead.) and you can use nearby summoning points to bring these handy helpers into your world.

Below you’ll find how to get the many NPC allies on your side, and which bosses they can be used against. For more extra information on Dark Souls, check out our cheats page.

NPC Ally Locations

  • Remember, summon signs will only appear if you have been revived and have met all the conditions required.

Black Iron Tarkus

  • Boss: Iron Golem
  • No condition here, you’ll find the summon sign in Sen’s Fortress. Enter the tower to the right of the boss door, across the boss door, to find the summon sign out in the open.

Witch Beatrice

  • Boss: Moonlight Butterfly
  • No condition to summon.
  • You can find her summon sign on the ground floor of the building leading up to the boss door, behind some bushes. Smash the bushes to uncover her sign.
  • Boss: Four Kings
  • Condition: The Witch will only appear here if you summoned her to help you fight the Moonlight Butterfly in the Darkroot Garden.
  • If the condition is completed, you can find her summon sign on a pillar to the right of the bridge leading to the stairwell leading down to the Abyss in the New Londo Ruins.

Maneater Mildred

  • Boss: Chaos Witch Quelaag
  • Condition: Mildred must be defeated in Blighttown, just before entering Quelaag’s Domain. She will invade as a darkwraith, so she won’t be easy.
  • Once she’s defeated, you can find her summon sign just outside of the boss door to Quelaag in her domain.

Solaire of Astora

  • This is the most common NPC ally, he’ll help you with five different boss fights. Later in the game, he’ll be more difficult to access. We’ll go over the conditions to access certain boss battles later in this section.
  • Boss: Bell Gargoyles
  • There’s no special condition for accessing Solaire here. Just find his summon sign in the Undead Parish right before reaching the white light. You can also get Knight Lautrec of Carim’s help during this fight.
  • Boss: Gaping Dragon
  • Once again, there’s no special condition for getting Solaire to help here. Check the pillars near the second flight of stairs leading down to the white light for the Gaping Dragon. You can also get Knight Lautrec of Carim’s help during this battle.
  • Boss: Ornstein and Smough
  • No condition here either, you can find his summon sign on the landing up the lefthand stairs of the central hall leading to the boss door.
  • Boss: Centipede Demon
  • Condition: This can be a little tricky, to get Solaire’s help here, you’ll need to speak with Solaire at the Sunlight Altar, but for him to appear at the Sunlight Altar, you’ll need to talk to him in the Undead Burg, on a balcony after fighting the Taurus Demon, then talk to him in Anor Londo. You can find the Sunlight Altar in the small area blocked by the red dragon in the Undead Parish.
  • With that done, you can find his summon sign to the left of the boss door, just nearby.
  • Boss: Gwyn, Lord of Cinder
  • Location: Now this is tricky. You must speak with Solaire at the Sunlight Altar (Look at the entry above for more information.) and then save his life in Lost Izalith. This is no easy feat, to save his life, you’ll need to kill nine chaos bugs in the Demon Ruins.
  • Take a path right after defeating the Firesage Demon to find a large blocked door. This shortcut door leads into Lost Izalith, but can only be opened by those with a +2 status to the Covenant to the Daughter of Chaos. This requires you to agree to a Convenant in Quelaag’s Domain, through a secret passage after defeating her.
  • To level up the Covenant, you’ll need to offer 30 humanities. With the covenant leveled up, you can now access the shortcut door. Defeat all nina chaos bugs before entering Lost Izalith to save Solaire’s life.
  • Now that Solaire can be summoned, you’ll find his sign just off the final spiral staircase leading to the boss door.

Paladin Leeroy

  • No condition to activate.
  • Boss: Pinwheel
  • This guy is especially tricky to access, his summon sign is located on a high ledge to the right of the path leading right to the white light. You can only reach this point by jumping down from an every higher point and taking a fair amount of damage.

Knight of Lautrec of Carim

  • WARNING: Freeing Lautrec leads to an event in which the Firekeeper of Firelight Shrine will be killed, deactivating the bonfire there. She can be revived later, but not until reaching Anor Londo.
  • Before reaching the gargoyles, you must free him from his cell in the Undead Parish. You’ll need a Master Key or the Mystery Key found in the Undead Burg to free him. When he’s released, talk to him in the Firelink Shrine and his summon signs will be activated.
  • Boss: Bell Gargoyle
  • Find the summon sign up the first of two ladders near the white light covering the boss arena. Look on the ledge across a gap to find his summon sign.
  • Boss: Gaping Dragon
  • The summon sign for this battle is on one of the pillars near the stairs leading down to the white light. You’ll see Solaire’s summon sign on the front of the pillar, Lautrec of Carim’s summon sign is on the other end of the same pillar.
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