A Dash of Cash for Norwegian Developers

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Published by Serio 1 year ago , last updated 10 months ago

Norway's government has made headlines before by being at the forefront of digital development, with tax exemptions on certain digital goods and subsidies for game developers. This piece of news falls on the latter category.

Norsk Filminstitut(NFI), a government run advisory board, has awarded seven million NOK(appr. €745 000) to eight projects in the Norwegian gaming industry. Most of the cash award will be going to developer Artplant, who're currently working on a sequel to the 2000 hit first-person shooter "Project I.G.I.". Though the original game was developed by Innerloop Games and published by Eidos Interactive, Artplant have managed to secure the license for the game.

Another significant chunk of money(1,5 million NOK) will go to Megapop Games and their project, simply called "Fight", and 800 000 NOK will be going to Turbo Tape Games AS. and their "Einherjar TTG", a digital trading card game with basis in Norse mythology.

In addition, "Pode" - a game about a stone called Bulder trying to help a fallen star find his friends - receives 700 000 NOK in subsidies.

Finally, four games will be granted 500 000 each. These are "Chess for kids with Magnus", "Fishing: Barents Sea", "Mesmer", and "The Fold". 

While it may not seem like much money compared to what developers like Paradox Interactive, Rockstar Games, or Square Enix push around, it's certainly a significant chunk for independent developers such as these. 

You can read more by clicking here You can also go directly to the NFI's website by clicking here

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