Datamine suggests Bombs and Drones may be coming to Fortnite

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Published by FileTrekker 3 years ago , last updated 3 years ago

Fortnite's v8.30 update has dropped, and as usual, dataminers have been picking away at the code trying to find out any secrets about upcoming events or changes. Developers tend to push these in updates to they're widely circulated before an event, for example, making it easy for them to toggle on these new features.

The  two new items, Shadow Bombs and Zebulon Drone, were uncovered by Skin Tracker and Lucas7yoshi_ respectively. The bomb seems to have some sort of relationship to challenges, as the text "Use a Shadow Bomb in different matches" was found within the code. There's some audio files that have been found too. 

The Zebulon Drone has little information other than it's name, and apparently the fact it can be "started", suggesting it's flyable or driveable in some way.

Of course, such content could always go unused, or be removed, but it's interesting to see two possible new features coming to the game.

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