Dataminers discover Destiny 2 and Fortnite are getting a crossover

By FileTrekker a year ago, last updated a year ago

Have you ever thought to yourself that Destiny 2 just needs more Fortnite characters in it? Well... fear, or fear not, as data miners have discovered a number of bizarre and unexpected assets within Destiny 2's game files that point to a crossover between the two games in the near future.

The news broke on Twitter via dataminer Ginsor, who posted screenshots of a set of Fortnite armor sets for the game. The good news is that they've been molded to fit the aesthetic of Destiny 2, rather than being all-out cartoonish, but it's still.... interesting to see.

Based on the screenshots, the skins appear to be based on Fortnite's Black Knight, Catalyst, and Omega. 

This all happens to coincide with further rumors that Destiny 2 might be coming to the Epic Games Store in the near future, possibly indicating a promotional tie-in.

It follows hot on the heels of a previous collab with Halo, and marks an interesting change in direction for the game. I can imagine there are a number of hardcore Destiny fans who aren't happy about the out-of-universe crossovers, but it's not clear yet if Bungie intends to continue this trend.

Perhaps we'll see some Fortnite dance moves in Destiny 2 soon, too. Season 18 gets underway tomorrow, so we'll no doubt find out more during Gamescom week. Stay tuned to GameFront for all the latest as we learn it.


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a year ago

Turned out that this Fortnite x Destiny collab is just more microtransactions in both games. :)