Dead Island 2 Gameplay Showcases Over-the-Top Gore and Combat Mechanics

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After nearly a decade of development, Dead Island 2 may finally be approaching the finish line. Developer Dambuster Studios has recently released a 15-minute gameplay walkthrough that showcases the game's combat mechanics, customization options, and various systems.

In the video, players get a glimpse of Dani, one of six customizable characters, on a mission to reach the Halperin Hotel. The gameplay trailer highlights the game's over-the-top gorefest, featuring an array of melee and ranged combat options, such as electrified Wolverine-like claws, flaming katanas, and other makeshift weapons.

Dead Island 2's F.L.E.S.H. system, "Flexible and LIvely Undead System Harness," is also showcased in the gameplay. The system enables zombies to take damage realistically, with body parts falling off and heads exploding when attacked.

The extended gameplay trailer offers a glimpse of the game's perk system, which uses card-based customization options to give players access to unique abilities and stunts. The new system replaces the talent tree from the previous Dead Island games.

The trailer also looks at the game's crafting system, allowing players to create weapons from various materials scattered around the game world. Along with the crafting system, the game offers "curveballs," which are limited-use powers like "meatbait" to draw zombies away from the player.

One of the exciting aspects of Dead Island 2 is the variety of zombies players will encounter. The gameplay trailer teases "dozens" of zombie types, each requiring other weapons and skills to defeat. Additionally, the game features "slayers," protagonists who are immune to the zombie plague and have mutated DNA. This lets Dani enter "fury mode" and grow claws and strength to toss zombies across the room.

Finally, the gameplay trailer showcases "Apex Zombies," hyper-mutated zombies with unique behaviours, such as a spike-covered punk monster with spike arms, a big burned-up guy wearing chains, and a giant bridezilla monster near the end.

Overall, Dead Island 2's gameplay walkthrough is a good look at the upcoming game, offering players various customization options, combat mechanics, and zombie types. While it remains to be seen if the game will live up to expectations, this gameplay trailer is an encouraging sign that Dead Island 2 may be worth the wait.


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