Dead Island PC Version Is Actually an Xbox 360 Dev Kit

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Posted on September 6, 2011, Ben Richardson Dead Island PC Version Is Actually an Xbox 360 Dev Kit

GameFront reviewer Phil Hornshaw noticed a lot of technical problems in his Dead Island review. In addition to repetitive gameplay, the title was plagued by a legion of bugs, including really fun-sounding stuff like invisible fire that kills you because you can’t see where it is.

Developers Deep Silver and publishers Techland already had a day one patch in the pipeline, but today brings startling news: the PC version that was available on Steam since midnight this morning is actually an Xbox 360 dev kit.

First spotted on the Dead Island forums by Eurogamer, this hilarious SNAFU was discovered by a user, buried deep in the the game‘s XML code:

< X b o x L i v e S u b m i s s i o n P r o j e c t V e r s i o n = " 2 . 0 . 5 0 3 3 0 . 0 " x m l n s = " h t t p : / / w w w . x b o x l i v e . c o m / x l a s t ">

< G a m e C o n f i g P r o j e c t n a m e = " D e a d I s l a n d D i s c X b o x 3 6 0 " t i t l e N a m e = " D e a d I s l a n d D i s c X b o x 3 6 0 " p r o j e c t V e r s i o n = " 1 . 0 0 . 0 9 3 4 . 0 " s c h e m a V e r s i o n = " 1 . 0 8 . 0 0 0 0 . 0 " v a l i d a t e A g a i n s t = " . . . . . . . . . . U s e r s t e c h l a n d A p p D a t a L o c a l M i c r o s o f t X b o x L i v e 4 B 4 D 0 7 D F . p a r t n e r . . . . 4 B 4 D 0 7 D F . p a r t n e r . . . . 4 B 4 D 0 7 D F . p a r t n e r . . . . 4 B 4 D 0 7 D F . p a r t n e r D e a d I s l a n d . x l a s t " c l a s s i f i c a t i o n = " B a s e G a m e " t i t l e I d = " 0 x 4 B 4 D 0 7 D F " m u l t i p l a y e r = " t r u e " t i t l e T y p e = " 1 " a r n = " 0 x 5 5 E 2 C 5 D 2 F 1 4 A F 9 " >

Outraged purchasers quickly took to YouTube to verify Techland’s mistake, pointing to the fact that no-clip was easily turned on by using the Y button:

Furthermore, build that was accidentally leaked contains some downright hilarious third-person animations:

Techland are, as you might expect, now in full damage control mode, and have expanded the scope of the day-one patch to include a fix that replaces the Dev Kit version with an official, finished copy of the game. Patch notes are available below, with one important caveat standing out: due to the incompatibility between the two versions of the game, all save-game progress will be lost. Players will be able to jump forward to the particular chapter they left off at, but without character progress or items — kind of a bummer if you’ve already sunk a bunch of hours into the game!

Despite Techland’s best efforts, however, our sources suggest that the patched version of the game is still riddled with errors. There’s also the question of what will happen to gamers who bought a boxed copy of the PC version, since they won’t necessarily be able to rely on Steam to deliver, y’know, the real version of the game they paid for. Techland is promising a “sorry we screwed up so badly” freebie to customers who have been affected — they had better think of something really, really good.

Dead Island Patch Notes

Multiplayer and Matchmaking improvements
· Maps are now correctly synchronized when player joins during map loading
· Games now filter correctly in lobby
· After joining a coop game enemies now spawn correctly

User guidance improved. (Quest guidance, UI, shop)
Additional Interface polishing
· Map tracking now works correctly after loading checkpoints
· Health and stamina bars of enemies now display correctly in coop.
· Locations of invisible NPCs are no longer shown
· More than one player can now use the same ladder simultaneously
· Focus on items in shops is not changing after operation (sell, buy)
· Additional Interface polishing
· Fixed displaying gather rings near some door

Player death behavior improved
· Respawn position now saved when playing in cooperative mode
· If player dies whilst inside vehicle, menu will now be hidden

Save game mechanics extended
· Added distinction between quest checkpoints and other saves

Minor animation fixes
· AI animation now displays correctly after fast travel or travel through portals

AI improvements
· Improved enemy awareness (zombies)
· Enemies reaction to fire adapted
· Enemies are now able to successfully reach player on some arenas
· Shooting enemies no longer spawn infinitely

Balancing changes in difficulty
· Item level will be calculated correctly when playing in second playthrough
· Kick interrupting reload now adapted; after clip is inserted reload is treated as successful
· Health regeneration is now disabled during grab.
· More HP for all escorted NPCs
· Removed all instances of Butcher during escorts
· Purna can gain bonus rage from both “Grim Inspiration” and “Inspiring Kick”
· Only “Walker” type enemies increase the extra XP of the “Combo” skill from Xian’s Survival skill tree

Pause Option added
· Added information about players requesting pause (Co-op)

Looting rules improved
· Thrown items now cannot be picked up by another player for 5 minutes.
· Items from just-opened containers cannot be picked up by another player for 5 seconds.

Minor graphical glitches fixed.
· Rectified occasional graphical glitch with NPC’s hands bending awkwardly
· Animations now display correctly when trading
· Stomper animation now displays correctly when same target is hit by another player

Sound bugs fixed
· Volume of pickup’s engine has been increased

Quest bugs removed
· All side quests in Laboratory can now be successfully completed
· Potential walkthrough blocker removed when quest “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door” is completed before talking to Dominik during “On the air” quest

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