Dead Island Skull Locations

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Published by GameFront Staff 7 years ago , last updated 2 months ago

The Dead Island is full of mystery, and one of the biggest is the discovery of a special set of collectables called skulls. The skulls come in different colors, and are extremely difficult to find. Not only are they difficult to find, they also have to be placed on a special altar to recieve a developer blueprint for the most powerful and unique weapons in the game. This is quite the task, that’s why Game Front is working with top scientists and field researchers to discover every location and drop-off point for these sneaky skulls.

For help surviving the dangers of Dead Island, check out our own video and text walkthrough. For even more secrets, hints, and collectables, check out the cheats page.

NOTE: Starting a new game removes the Skulls from your inventory.
Skull Locations

Notes: Skulls sometimes may spawn in different locations. When a skull is found, there is a special spot it must be dropped off. When dropped off, you will be rewarded with a developer blueprint. Finally, skulls do not show up in your inventory, so don’t forget if you’ve picked one up. Check back for more information as we discover more skulls.

Orange Skull

Pick-up: When you reach the Supermarket for the first time in Act 2, when you find your first staircase, circle around it and look underneath the stairs. Inside one of the shopping carts, you’ll find the orange skull. (Sometimes the skull will appear in the sewers before reaching the Supermarket, so look carefully.)

Drop-off: Back in the sewers before entering the Supermarket, look for a large room filled with toxic waste with a ladder leading up to your left. Enter the door to the right after climbing the ladder, and look in the left most corner of the room for a pile of skull. Follow the prompt to get your reward.

Blue Skull

Pick-up: In Act II, during the quest “Uninvited Guests”, you’ll enter an apartment to fight some zombies. Past the kitchen, look inside a room with a glass cabinet. Smash the cabinet to get inside and take the skull. Make sure you don’t complete this quest, or you won’t be able to return — the apartment also houses the drop-off point for the purple skull.

Drop-off: Returning to Act 1, run to a bunker in the southeastern corner of the map. You’ll find a man trapped by the zombies, kill the zombies and the man will lead you into the concrete chamber. Inside, you’ll find a manhole. Use it and you’ll fast travel to another bunker. Inside the new bunker, find the door just right of the ladder up. Climb the ladder, grab an explosive barrel, and set it down next to the door right of the ladder. Shoot the explosive barrel to destroy the door, inside the door, look for an cubby marked by a large blue pointer.

Brown Skull

Pick-up: In Act 1, enter the bunker under the lighthouse. Enter through the manhole to go deeper, lookout for any zombies inside, and you’ll find the skull in the room.

Drop-off: On the east side of the island Resort, there’s a rocky mountain you can climb. This is tricky, you’ll have to awkwardly jump up the rocky cliffs, the spot where you can start climbing is marked with a few boards laying on the rocks that serve as ramps. Keep jumping and climbing until you reach a small flag marked with a red pointer.

Purple Skull

Pick-up: In Act 2, enter the sewers infront of the Church. Follow the winding path through the sewers until you reach two circular passages and a ladder. Climb the ladder up, and walk around the catwalk towards a makeshift hide-out along the concrete ledge. Look near the mattress and at the altar of skulls, you only need the purple one.

Drop-off: Still in Act 2, during the mission “Uninvited Guests”, enter the apartment and walk into the kitchen were a stove with one lit burner is located. Place the skull on the marked stove to get your reward.

Green Skull

Pick-up: At the Gas Station in Act 1, in the southwest corner of the map. Near the Gas Station, you’ll see a small rocky hill just right of the Station. Check the southeastern slope of the mountain for a rocky passage up, partially concealed by bushes. Up the ramp, you’ll find a toolbox with the skull inside.

Drop-off: In Act 2, back in the Supermarket, look for an aisle of teddy bears, lit up by a flashlight. One of these teddy bears will prompt you to deposit the skull.

Red Skull

There is no Red Skull that gives you a Developer Mod! These are quest items. They cannot be dropped off, except to your quest-giver.

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