Dead Island Trailer Parodies

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Posted on February 22, 2011, CJ Miozzi Dead Island Trailer Parodies

Last week, we reported on the Dead Island trailer that has taken the internet by storm–a whirlwind of shattered glass, blood spatters, and sentimentality set to a slow violin/piano soundtrack that has reduced testosterone-pumped he-men to whimpering man-children.

Well, not everyone shares the popular opinion that the trailer is a masterpiece that plucks at the heartstrings, and a new meme is already emerging: Dead Island trailer parodies.

Shaun of the Dead Island proves that you can set the soundtrack to one of the best zombie comedies of all time and elicit the same emotional response.

The Mad Men remix replaces the sappy soundtrack with some swanky 1960s tunes that completely change the mood of the video.

Dead Minecraft proves that nothing can happen on the internet anymore without Minecraft somehow getting involved.

Dead Minecraft: Dead Island Spoof Video – Watch more Game Trailers

There’s already a live-action parody with solid production quality–and somehow, it still involves Minecraft. Go figure.

Is this just the beginning of what will be months of sad violin music set to backwards video? If Rick Astley has taught us anything, it’s that the internet does not give up until it has beaten a meme so thoroughly into the ground that it becomes an artifact to be one day rediscovered by archeologists.

Future generations, prepare to be Rickrolled.

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