Dead Rising coming to PC, Xbox One and PS4

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Published by FileTrekker 2 years ago , last updated 10 months ago

The first Dead Rising game is coming to PC,  Xbox One, and PS4 (with the second game coming only to next-gen consoles). Much like the upcoming remasters of Bioshock and Skyrim, do these new ports bring the promise of modding to the game?

It's a logical time for Capcom to be trying to generate buzz around the franchise, Dead Rising 4 is coming out at the end of the year, so what better way to keep interest in the franchise than to re-master the first two games in the series?

It's worth noting, however that only the first game is coming to PC: the second game will be Xbox One and PS4 only. This again suggest a direct port rather than a remastered version; why re-release the same game on PC?

This seems to suggest to me that these games are going to be restrained by some kind of technical limitation, and therefor it may not be wise to expect mod capabilities to be present in the game, especially on consoles.

Infact, Capcom never specifically state that this game is infact a remastered version at all - it looks more like a direct port to me, although they haven't shared much in the way of details at this stage.

Dead Rising 3 is not mentioned as part of this new bundle, likely due to it's Xbox exclucivity deal.

It would be great to see a decent job done of the ports on these games, but I'm not holding my breath, but even so, the possibility of modifications for the PC version of Dead Rising 1 are quite likely, even with a direct port. Weather anyone takes the time to make mods for the game, well, that will all depend on the quality of the port.

There's no word yet on when these re-releases will be coming out, but hopefully there will be more news on or before the anniversary of the first game, which is August 8th.

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