Dead Space 3: Easter Eggs & Unlockables Guide

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Posted on February 5, 2013, Kevin Thielenhaus Dead Space 3: Easter Eggs & Unlockables Guide

EA’s survival horror franchise continues its love affair with easter eggs in Dead Space 3. We’ve already found secret modes that let you play in extra low-res glory, and a super powerful foam finger. This is just the tip of the iceberg, so stop wasting time on the introduction and get to the meat of the matter below.

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Survive Tau Volantis with Game Front’s Dead Space 3 game guide, showing you how to complete every stage of the singleplayer campaign. For secrets like easter eggs, achievement guides, and exploits — browse over to our list of Dead Space 3 cheats.

Easter Eggs Guide


Chapter Titles Secret Message

  • This secret message is revealed by looking at the first letter of each chapter title. The letters spell out a message that might just be a huge SPOILER.

Retro Mode:

  • How to Find: Complete Hardcore mode, available after finishing the Campaign.
  • Description: This filter can be switched on/off in the options menu once unlocked. When activated, it adds a pixel filter to make the entire game look, well, retro! Check out the image at the top of the screen for more details.

Devil Horns:

  • How to Find: Complete Classic mode, available after finishing the Campaign.
  • Description: A special weapon, similar to the Foam Finger, that makes Isaac rock out. He’ll hold up the Devil Horns (Index + Pinky raised up!) when he isn’t shooting enemies. Also like the Foam Finger, it’s incredibly powerful.

N7 Suit:

  • How to Find: Unlocked for having a Mass Effect 3 save file.
  • Description: This suit of armor is based off Commander Shepard’s famous armor featured in the Mass Effect series.

Planet Cracker Plasma Cutter:

  • How to Find: Unlocked for having a Dead Space 2 save file.
  • Description: This improved Plasma Cutter weapon is far more powerful than its standard counterpart.

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