Dead Space 3: Elevator & Doorway Enemy Strategy

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Posted on February 5, 2013, Kevin Thielenhaus Dead Space 3: Elevator & Doorway Enemy Strategy

Tired of Necromorphs chasing Isaac down in Dead Space 3? We’ve got just the cure for your enemy-related woes — all you’ve got to do is stand near a doorway or elevator. Thanks to some programming choices, you can take advantage of the AI in a relatively simple manner. Standing in a doorway, or just standing near an elevator, will cause whatever opponents you’re facing to rapidly retreat. Not particularly amazing, but give this strange strategy a try for yourself. Check out all the details in our guide here.

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Elevator & Doorway Enemy Strategy


How It Works:

  • Whenever the player exits through a doorway, stands inside an elevator, or simply stands near an elevator enemies will vacate the area.
  • Technically, this is a side-effect of how the game itself functions. Enemies will retreat to vents and attempt to reappear through alternate means.

Strategy – How To Use To Your Advantage:

Note: This strategy is best used for the harder difficulties of Dead Space 3. If you plan to play Hardcore mode, you’ll need to avoid dying even once. On the tougher difficulties, enemy ambushes can quickly kill Isaac.

  • When enemies ambush in a room accessed through an elevator / door, return to the elevator / door and wait. Every nearby enemy will instantly retreat, giving Isaac plenty of time to reload and heal.
  • Slowly inch out of the elevator / door’s range until enemies return. Stay nearby, and you can easily step back into range of the elevator / door and trigger the event.
  • Another tip; try to use Stasis on a single enemy before standing near an elevator / door. The rest of the opponents will retreat, letting you pick each opponent off one-by-one.

Additional Notes:

  • This trick does not work on ladders.
  • While this works on most elevators / doors in the current version (2/5/2013) it isn’t guaranteed to work on every elevator / door in Dead Space 3.
  • Some players report that enemies, in some rooms, will freeze in place or begin to act as if Isaac can’t be seen.

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