Dead Space 3: Peng Location Guide

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Posted on February 5, 2013, Kevin Thielenhaus Dead Space 3: Peng Location Guide

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What is Peng anyway? Whatever this secret treasure happens to be, it’s Dead Space tradition to include the item somewhere in its campaign. Peng is always secret, and its always worth a nice cash reward. Stop searching for Peng, find where this treasure is hidden with our guide below.

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Peng Location


  • To find Peng, go to Chapter 14 and accept the optional mission “Reaper Barracks.”
  • During the mission, you’ll enter a large pump room after bypassing a massive spiked piston after taking a ladder down.
  • Turn around just as you exit the pump tube to find the machine labeled “Pump 2″ and look inside. You should be looking back into the tube you just exited.
  • Use Stasis to stop the pump after it moves forward so you can look behind the piston, left of where you are standing. Look carefully for the treasure against the left wall, and use Kinesis to collect it.

Achievement / Trophy Unlocked

  • There’s Always Peng! (50 points):
    Find Peng.

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