Dear Blizzard: Why Is Diablo 3 Better on Console?

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Posted on September 18, 2013, CJ Miozzi Dear Blizzard: Why Is Diablo 3 Better on Console?

Dear Blizzard,

Please explain to me why Diablo 3 plays better on console than on PC.

Sure, maybe our expectations were a little high when Diablo 3 released in May of 2013. Maybe they were so high that no game could possibly ever live up to the titanic levels of hype generated from a decade of anticipation. But that’s only because of your record of excellence. For years, you were the champions of PC gaming. We, the PC gamer collective, worshiped you as gods. When the industry was abandoning our platform to bow to the false idols that were the Xbox 360 and PS3, you were one of the last bastions of the PC gamer.

So please explain to me why the third installment of a PC-exclusive game series is better on console. Please explain to me how the console port of a PC game manages to be superior.

No, no, you don’t have to explain what makes it better on console. We know it. The combination of a smart drop system and the absence of an auction house — with loot drops balanced around these factors — is what does it. Suddenly, a game whose objective is to grind for loot eternally actually has an enjoyable loot grind.

Did you figure that PC users are simply pencil-pushing spreadsheet lovers who get excited by the thought of managing economics? Did you actually think we’d enjoy spending half of our Diablo 3 gaming time looking at numbers instead of killing demons?

On PC, this is the thrilling process a serious Diablo 3 player has to follow in order to obtain an item upgrade:

  1. Go on a loot run
  2. Sift through your full inventory for items that may be worthwhile to sell on the Auction House
  3. Price check the items on the Auction House and put them up for sale
  4. Slowly build up money this way, then buy an upgrade from the Auction House


  1. Learn the ins and outs of the Auction House market
  2. Flip items
  3. Slowly build up money this way, then buy an upgrade from the Auction House

Let’s compare this to the console process:

  1. Go on a loot run, find an upgrade

Oh, you’ll say that we don’t have to use the Auction House. That we can simply ignore that feature. Well, if you wouldn’t have tailored loot drops around the assumption that we’d be using the Auction House, then maybe we would. Knowing that the best items you’ve ever found in-game are pitiful relative to what you can easily afford on the Auction House makes the core gameplay — grinding — feel like a chore rather than the rewarding experience it is on console. Hopefully Loot 2.0 will resolve thiswell over a year past release.

So Blizzard, were we, your loyal PC gaming audience, simply the beta testers for your eventual console release?

Oh, and consoles offer offline play? Must you taunt us, so? Now you’re just rubbing it in. We warned you about always-online, but you insisted. Then the great incident occurred — Error 37. We were vindicated — outraged, even — as your servers went down and we were unable to play. And now you give to the console gamers that which we pleaded, begged for? You wound us, Blizzard.

Things need to change. Drastic measures must be taken if you ever hope to regain our loyalty and respect.

Wait… what’s that? You’re taking down the the Auction Houses on March 18th, 2014? Well… I’ll be damned.


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