Death Of EA Predicted After Medal Of Honor Recieves Good Reviews

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Posted on October 13, 2010, Ross Lincoln Death Of EA Predicted After Medal Of Honor Recieves Good Reviews

Medal of Honor’s presales have been absurdly high, and the game‘s October 12 release was accompanied by a string reviews that, while not glowing, were certainly on the high positive side of the critical spectrum. All things considered, it’s likely the rebooted war shooter will be a solid earner for EA and spawn many sequels.

Or so you would assume if you simply paid attention to the facts at hand. Not so Cowen and Company, who as reported by are saying that MOH’s reviews gave EA a “black eye”, and that this caused their shares to drop precipitously:

“EA’s share price fell by 6 per cent last night, apparently following the release of and critical reception to rebooted shooter Medal of honor.

The game currently holds a 74 (PS3) and 76 (360) per cent review average on Metacritic – likely to be considered disappointing for a high-profile modern combat title intended to compete with Call of Duty.”

Look, right now MoH has a 76 rating on Metacritic. Our own review largely falls in the same region. No, that’s not a get-into-Harvard GPA, but that’s almost 8 out of 10. That’s a lot of people who like it. Hell, Splinter Cell: Conviction, barely rates more than that and there wasn’t any talk of Ubisoft’s damaged looks.

Yes, a 6 percent drop in price sounds scary. But EA’s stock has risen “some 15 per cent over the last six weeks”, and as GamesIndustry’s article concludes, their “initial share price drop of $1.05 had recovered by $0.09 at the time of writing. ” Considering that NASDAQ closed yesterday at 2402.33 after a high of 2413.03 and a low of 2397.57, sounds to us more like normal stock market fluxuations, and less like ZOMG EA IS IN UR POORHOUSE, EATING YOUR INVESTORZ.

To put things in more perspective: During the previous fiscal year, EA published Dragon Age: Origins and Mass Effect 2, among others. Before the current one concludes, Mass Effect 3, Rock Band 3 and Dragon Age 2 will all have been released. We think they’ll do ok.

You can make your own decision by following our coverage of the game’s controversies, our walkthrough, and mods.

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