Death Stranding confirmed for PC in 2020

By FileTrekker 4 years ago, last updated 4 years ago

Hideo Kojima's wonderfully curious Death Stranding, which sees Norman Redus attempt to save the president and reconnect the world, I think, will be officially coming to PC in 2020.

We previously suspected this to be the case, when we reported a few months ago that the PlayStation website had stopped listing the game as an exclusive - it will remain a PS4 exclusive until next year though, as it's launching on the console on November 8th.

You can check out the PS4 release date trailer above though to see just what types of crazy will be coming to PC next year, including a bloody Redus singing to a new born baby, for some raeson.

I expect the usual mix of heavy drama, long cutscenes and insane, borderline comical situations based on the trailer, which is just how I love a Kojima game.

Be sure to stay tuned to GameFront for our review and more news on the PC version.


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