Death Stranding may no longer be a PS4 exclusive

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Published by FileTrekker 1 year ago , last updated 1 year ago

It seems that Hideo Kojima's much anticipated, and unexpectedly bizarre new game, Death Stranding, may no longer be an exclusive to the PlayStation 4, according to new information uncovered on the official PlayStation website.

Users over on the Resetera Forums have discovered that the game is no longer listed as a PS4 exclusive on the site, despite being listed as such as recently as May 26th of this year, as can be seen over at  The same can be seen on the various different regional variations of the site too, such as the UK, France and Australian pages.

While it's not a confirmation, there have been other signs of the game moving away from PS4 exclusivity. Way back in 2015, before the game had even been named, a Q&A that has since been deleted mentioned that the project would be coming to PC, after PS4.

Kojima will be appearing at Gamescom's opening night on August 19th, so we may learn more then. Stay tuned to GameFront for all the latest as it happens.

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