Deep dive into the lore of PUBG with this new website

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Published by FileTrekker 2 years ago , last updated 2 years ago

PUBG Corp has shifted a lot of focus onto the lore and backstory of PUBG, aka Playerunknown's Battlegrounds in recent times - and that trend seems to be continuing with a brand new website that lets players delve into the lore of the game.

The new website gives players backstories to the various characters, items, and events that have taken place within the game, in a wiki-style format. It's interesting, especially given PUBG basically had zero in the way of backstory for many years after it launched. 

The thing I like about this approach is that it's optional - the game has always had subtle clues and hints for those keen enough to spot them, and this goes even further than that, but the fact is, if you just want to go shooty-shooty some dudes, then you're free to ignore it.

Indeed, it would have been a mistake to try and add cutscenes and dialogue to the game, in my opinion, so I wholeheartedly approve. It's free to consume too, which is nice. They could have tried to milk a novel or comic book out of it, so, fair play to them.

So if you're interested in checking it out, you can head over to the PUBG Lore website now. PUBG Corp are also promising to keep it updated with new content regularly too, so it's worth checking from time to time if you like that sort of thing.

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