Deep Rock Galactic now has integrated mod support

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Published by FileTrekker 10 months ago , last updated 10 months ago

Dwarf life mining asteroids is already incredibly good fun in Deep Rock Galactic, but it's now set to be even better with official, integrated mod support now live within the game.

While modders have been having fun with the game for some time, the new official integration with brings two important new features - the ability to subscribe to and automatically download and install mods, and the ability to use mods within progression saves, as long as they've been pre-approved by the game's developers.

The latter is incredibly exciting, as it means mods that don't break gameplay or give players an unfair advantage can now be used within the game without restrictions. The new mod menu already has a huge number of mods that take advantage of this, ranging from audio changes to changes to gameplay, and everything in between.

Mods are split into three categories, Verified, Approved and Sandbox, depending on how they affect the game's progression. This means that simple cosmetic mods can exist within a full progression save, and servers will be categorised based on the types of mods they're running. Players can still choose to disable mods entirely before they enter the game, though.

"You don’t need to worry about joining modded hosts by accident anymore," said Ghost Ship Games. "No more surprises and reverting to a previous save when you accidentally got a million XP from a modded game. With this update, modding should be safe, fun, and transparent."

You can read more and check out the host of bug fixes on the official announcement page.

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