Destiny 2 buildcrafting is getting a major overhaul in Lightfall update

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Published by FileTrekker 2 weeks ago , last updated 2 weeks ago

Destiny 2's upcoming Lightfall expansion is set to make major changes to buildcrafting systems within the game, along with a new loadouts feature, and improvements to mods, including a Mod Customization screen and other tweaks and changes.

The game's buildcrafting systems have become a little convoluted over time, so these changes are no doubt welcome to many fans of the game. Effectively, the changes will bring consolidation to make swapping, creating and using builds smoother than before. There'll be some new features, too, with others being removed or reworked.

The changes might prove controversial, too, with Bungie warning that "not all builds are going to be able to be recreated one-to-one", but that it will also open up "a lot of new possibilities with new mods and ability combinations."

The new loadout system will be a welcome addition, replacing third-party loadout managers that exist right now. The new in-game manager will allow you to save up to 10 loadouts. You'll be able to label and customize those loadouts according to damage types, or the activity you intend to use them for, although the catch is that you'll need to progress through levels of the new Guardian Rank system to unlock all ten loadout slots.

Interestingly, Match Game is going away in the new update too. Long a thorn in the side of many Destiny 2 players, according to Bungie, "Match Game is being removed from high-difficulty activities, and we are making a few tweaks to how you can do damage to different types of shields. Base shield resistance to non-matching damage types across the entire game is being adjusted to 50% (similar to Gambit now), and we will have some other ways for you to do some bonus damage to shields that we will tell you about before launch." 

Another huge change will be a change to how Season Artifact unlocks work. Going forward, once a mod has been unlocked, it'll automatically be applied to the appropriate weapons, saving you from manually slotting it into your armour. The flip side is that there'll be some restrictions to prevent players from becoming OP, meaning you'll only be able to pick up to 12 perks to unlock from the Season Artifact at one time, so you'll need to give some consideration which you choose.

Other major changes coming to Destiny 2 in the new update will also include the following;

  • Mod energy types are being removed from the game
  • Simplification of weapon-related armour mods
  • Some mods are being removed, including Warmind cells

Finally, a new system will be added in Lightfall named Armor Charge, a remix of the old Charged with Light system that lets you socket an Armor Charge mod to automatically gain the ability to gain stocks of charge when you pick up Orbs of Light.

The system will let you hold up to three stacks of Armor Charge. You'll also be able to apply mods to gain passive benefits or effects, which are triggers, and these passive effects will consume charges over time. Triggered effects will consume the charge there and then.

Overall this is a massive change to the buildcrafting and mod system in Destiny 2. While it may lead to some split opinions within the community, nobody can deny a shakeup is long overdue. As to the question of Bungie's new loadout manager, will it be sufficient enough to replace third-party loadout tools? Only time will tell.

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