Destiny 2 has a major quest you can't complete

By FileTrekker 3 years ago, last updated 3 years ago

Destiny 2 players aren't happy right now, as players can't complete a significant questline, which is part of the current season of the game, denying access to the shotgun reward they've been working so hard for.

The quest in question is ironically named 'The Lie,' and should ultimately reward Felwinter's lie, the shotgun from the original Destiny with hugely overpowered stats. It's currently impossible to obtain, however. Initially, the quest required 9 million completions of the Seraph Tower public events, which was one hell of a grind - and in fact, couldn't physically be done within the time left for the Season of the Worthy.

Bungie then made a few changes to make the goal more obtainable, and the community reached this goal last night, which then required another grinding session of 1,000 shotgun kills. Fun.

The problem is, it seems Bungie didn't think anyone would get that far, perhaps. After completing the required steps, players were locked out of the quest. It guides to speak to Rasputin, the powerful AI 'Warmind' in his bunker on the moon, but when you go to the marker to start the next step of the quest, the game randomly teleports you back to the spawn point of the map.

After some confusion, with players wondering if the whole thing was some sort of elaborate riddle, Bungie conceded via Twitter that the issue is indeed a bug in the quest. The good news is that a hotfix is coming, so hopefully that hard work won't be in vain after all.

It's not the first criticism to hit The Season of the Worthy, with the Guardian Games also attracting criticism for its poor balance, bugs, and heavy reliance on the Eververse store. Better luck next season, I guess.


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