Destiny 2 players can now voice chat with each other cross-platform

By FileTrekker 3 years ago, last updated 3 years ago

Destiny 2 now has crossplay support, in case you weren't aware, and just a week after launching, players across PC, consoles and Stadia can now voice chat with each other too. Pretty neat.

The new update was released on Friday, and it seems to work well for the most part. Unfortunately, there seems to be a few issues for Xbox players, who seem to be able to hear everybody in their instance even if they have their settings set to "friends only," and worse still, muting a player in Fireteam chat doesn't seem to work for them either.

The good news is that it'll likely get fixed fairly quickly. Weirdly the feature has been around before. It was accidentally enabled for around a week back in May, and while Bungie said this was a technical error and not a fully functional feature, it was interesting while it was available. Now it's here to stay permanently.

Crossplay seems to be going down well with players so far. The game seems to be keeping console and PC players apart in competitive modes and limits it to non-competitive, which seems like a fair compromise. If you turn Crossplay off, you'll only match with other players who also have it disabled, but that can lead to longer queue times right now. 


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