Destiny 2's latest Iron Banner event has left players outraged

By FileTrekker a year ago, last updated a year ago

The latest Iron Banner event, and the first in the Season of the Seraph, ended yesterday and has left Destiny 2 fans feeling bitter after it was plagued by severe lag, match rigging, players cheesing, and terrible loot.

The event has been heralded by some as the peak of everything wrong with the game's PvP modes, something that has seemingly been building for some time. While things have been slowly improving, some in the community are highlighting this event as a new low point.

Frustration was built into the event with much of the RNG loot being especially poor, with players grinding for little reward, and especially elusive was the Iron Banner loot that players specifically wanted.

Instead, most players found themselves repeatedly getting the same-old Crucible drops. Some players report playing dozens of matches without obtaining the desirable Iron Banner armor, leaving many feeling disappointed and frustrated.

Making the grind worse was the severe lag the event suffered from, with many players facing difficulty connecting, staying connected, and maintaining a playable ping. This was most notably highlighted by YouTuber Fallout Plays, as you can see below.

Even when players could get a stable connection, they were faced with the most unpalatable cheeseboard the game has seen in some time.

The new Fortress game mode. that combines controlling zones with a singular objective to compete over, brought out some of the worst cheesing strats the game has seen for some time. Often times teams packed with Titans using the Ward of Dawn bubble Super would simply smash their way through games, making them an incredibly one-sided affair.

This led to other counter-cheesing strats with other broken supers, including Thundercrash, Witherhoad, and Well of Radiance. Before long, the game mode had become a complete mess.

Players resulted to using long-range weapons to try and avoid the super cheese, which slowed down match pacing and had a detrimental effect to match quality. 

All in all, poor loot, heavy grind, severe lag, and cheesy gameplay lead to what some are calling the worst Destiny 2 event of all time. Will Bungie finally learn some critical lessons? Only time will tell.


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