Destiny 2's latest update has ruined years of player progress

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Published by FileTrekker 2 years ago , last updated 2 years ago

Destiny 2's Season of the Worthy is now underway, but it seems for many players, it's brought with it an unwelcome change that has destroyed years of progress for many players.

It's all due to the stat tracking feature for emblems, which has been redesigned to remove a bunch of special trackers that players could use as a a badge of honor for some of the hardest challenges within the game.

It's no longer possible to show off your crucible win streaks, gold medals, or massive Empyrean restoration donations, for example. Suffice to say, huge numbers of dedicated Destiny 2 players are, to say the least, upset about the changes. 

Players had hoped the issue was simply a bug, but Bungie have now gone on record to state the changes are intentional. Defending the decision, community manager dmg04 took to reddit to state that "a few bones needed to break on Emblems in order to reset them for a brighter future. Some trackers couldn't start at the beginning of your journey, but will be tracking from this day forward."

There is some hope, though, as the data does still exist within the game, so it is possible for Bungie to reverse the decision at some stage down the road, should community pressure mount on the issue. Some stats are apparently now due to be re-added in the mid-season update.

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