Destiny 2: Season of the Chosen is underway with several changes

By FileTrekker 3 years ago, last updated 3 years ago

The next chapter of the Beyond Light era of Destiny 2, known as the Season of the Chosen, got underway earlier today, along with a patch that makes several changes to the game, including increasing recoil for players using keyboard and mouse.

The new season also features a new 3-player match mode known as Battlegrounds, with ritual combat with Cabal warriors, who will be under the command of the daughter of Calus, Empress Caiatl. 

There are three new strikes too, with two of them, The Devil's Lair and Fallen SABER, both being ported over from the original Destiny on PlayStation & Xbox. They'll be followed by an entirely original strike, Proving Grounds, later on.

And, of course, there's be a range of new weapons and other collectables, both general and as part of the Season Pass. One thing of note is that the update does NOT, yet again, feature any new Crucible or Gambit maps - and it's been nearly two years since new maps for those were released at this point.

The update to recoil only affects mouse and keyboard players, and will not include every single weapon but will change around half a dozen rifles, SMGs and hand cannons. The reason for the changes is due to the perceived disparity between controller and mouse and keyboard players, but instead of reducing recoil for gamepad players, they're increasing it for mouse and keyboard, for whatever strange reason.

Similarly controversial is the weekly bounties system, which is being scrapped with new weekly challenges. This will bring up to 10 new challenges every week during the first 10 weeks of a season, and will apparently give players more freedom to do stuff outside of the restraints that the weeklies have given so far.

Destiny 2 seems to be living in rough times as of late. Bungie seems to be making a series of controversial moves, from nerfing recoil to sunsetting popular weapons and completely wiping half of the game's content last year. Bungie promises new rewards next season, along with crossplay later this year.


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3 years ago
but instead of reducing recoil for gamepad players, they're increasing it for mouse and keyboard, for whatever strange reason.

There's a valid reason for this, there was NO recoil on m/kb previously. Vicarious Visions deemed the recoil to be unwieldy when they were assisting in the PC port at the beginning of D2, so they just disabled it entirely.

With cross-play coming, this was the right call. And despite all the salt the past two weeks in the usual community shitholes, early reports from players seem to indicate it's hardly noticeable.