Destiny 2 season passes are being restored after glitch

By FileTrekker 4 years ago, last updated 4 years ago

Several Destiny 2 players have had issues with the recent paradigm shift to the Steam platform, and despite several guarantees that season passes would be transferred across all accounts a player owns, several have found that this was not actually the case.

Gamers who accidentally bought the season pass on an inactive account were supposed to gain access on their main accounts, but many gamers found this was not the case. Bungie initially blamed the issue on "user error", despite claims of a glitch with the cross-save system, but now the company have admitted the issue is real and is returning Season Pass access to these players.

The game has now moved to a cross-platform approach, with players now able to switch freely between PC and console while retaining their save games across both. Bungie had allowed players to start linking their separate accounts back in August, but many have claimed the process failed to work.

After starting the game on PC after switching from console, many found that their saves were not present, and despite activating cross-save support afterwards, the season pass access failed to move across with it.

The good news is Bungie is now working to restore season pass access to affected players, and claims only a small percentage of players were actually affected by the issue. 


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The community loves to blow things out of proportion :D