Destiny 2: Shadowkeep is bringing drastic changes

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Published by FileTrekker & Mikey 2 years ago , last updated 2 years ago

There's been a huge flood of information from Bungie this past week about the future of Destiny 2, specifically surrounding it's upcoming Shadowkeep update, so here's a roundup of everything we know so far;

Armor 2.0

One of the main new changes will be armor, specifically, there will be new stats added to armor, such as Discipline, Intellect and Strength, to go along with the already existing Resilience, Recovery and Motility. These stats will affect your super ability and melee ability recharge rates, so armor will play an even bigger role than ever.

Each armor piece now drops an affinity tuned to one of Destiny's elements (Arc, Solar or Void) and can be equipped with element-specific mods. There's other mods in addition to those tuned to affinity, though, such as an intellect mod that would allow Super to recharge faster, and can be applied to any armor.

The new armor system is being dubbed "Armor 2.0", and new Legendary armor which will be compatible  will start to drop in-game from the 1st of October. It's also been confirmed that existing Armor will be able to be re-earned as Armor 2.0.

Power Increase

Bungie also confirmed that there would be an automatic raise for all gear in your vault to 750 once Shadowkeep launches, putting all players on an equal footing. This is something of a do-over and until the update drops, it's really not worth upgrading gear at the moment. Shadowkeep will also raise the universal (soft) Power Cap to 900, with pinnacle questlines and Prime Engram drops taking you to a hard cap of 960. Prime Engrams will only start dropping at Power Level 900.

Glimmer & Pursuits

The Glimmer cap is also being raised to 250,000, and a new vanity options screen will be added within the gear screen, among other UI changes. Speaking of vanity items, Bungie have confirmed that all Eververse items will still be equippable as Unviersal Ornaments. We also know that Vanguard and Crucible armor from Year One will also be available to earn from Lord Shaxx and Commander Zavala.

A new Pursuits menu is coming as well, with welcomed changes from the version 1.0 which rolled out with Season of Opulence, Game Director Luke Smith said the following:

We wanted to try something different with Pursuits, in the sense that we knew where we wanted this feature to end up, but that we'd take some iterative steps to get there. I think we've got to do a better job ensuring that while we're remodeling your house, the potential of the renovation is clearer either in the game or via some communication here on the site. 

We want a Questlog with great tracking that can help players prioritize what to do next. 

The Crucible

One of the less updated  modes of the game, the Crucible (PvP) has also been confirmed to be changing drastically. The current system of 6v6 Quickplay is staying BUT it will be changing to give the player more choice over which mode they play, whether that be Clash or Control or any of the new modes that Shadowkeep may bring, which is a nice change from the current system which simply throws the player into a random mode.

The 4v4 Competitive queue is being retired entirely, and being replaced with a 3v3 queue which focusses on one single mode; Survival. Whether this is a good thing or a bad thing is yet to be determined, but it should stop the "Squad Stomp" which often happens in 4v4 Competitive. Another big change to PvP and competitive modes especially is the introduction of a Solo Queue Survival competitive mode, which will again stop the Squad Stomp you do see so often.


Currently, since the Season of the Drifter, there have been two modes of Gambit driving for power. Gambit Classic and Gambit Prime. One of these modes is confirmed to be axed upon the launch Shadowkeep, when Gambit becomes a free-to-play activity in line with the new free-to-play offering dropping alongside Shadowkeep; New Light. Which one gets dropped is yet to be decided.

Director's Cut

Most of this information is taken directly from Game Director Luke Smith's Director's Cut, which is a 3 part series. If you have an hour to spare you can read those here. Alternatively, Destiny Loremaster Datto has created a rollup video which you can find here.

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2 years ago by Lysdestic

I'm really excited by these changes. It's been overwhelming getting back into the game since Forsaken with all the stuff to do and gear to grab, first actual release post activision is looking pretty exciting!

2 years ago by Mikey

Personally can't wait, though the changes to the state of PvP is going to be interesting to see... tgq7mVdaEyyoQn7SLyZhJOz5GMZEYKG45HXJb4bf.jpeg@Lysdestic  ⁠ do you play much PvP?

Also I hope Gambit Prime stays, otherwise those armour pieces we've grinded through reckoning will be useless... :/

2 years ago by Lysdestic

I'm much more of a PvE player. This is partially because I was never able to make the switch to mouse and keyboard when D2 came out.

I've played a few matches of Gambit (still on my green solstice armor...strike playlist is a drag without a fireteam!) but the invasions happen so often it stresses me out!

2 years ago by Mikey

tgq7mVdaEyyoQn7SLyZhJOz5GMZEYKG45HXJb4bf.jpeg@Lysdestic   you should hit me up, I'll strike with you. Love gambit too :)

2 years ago by Lysdestic

I don't think we're friends on Bnet, hit me up. I'm Lydestic on both that and steam!

Edit: Forgot about the weird numbering system on battlenet. Lysdestic#1663

2 years ago by Mikey

I feel like KgvNIYH63RqRYU6uJXOOfyaB3RDgpfR3l6rik5EB.jpeg@Serio   also plays!

2 years ago by Mikey

PS, my friend request to you tgq7mVdaEyyoQn7SLyZhJOz5GMZEYKG45HXJb4bf.jpeg@Lysdestic   is still pending

2 years ago by Lysdestic

What the...?

sure enough, it's been pending for two months but the app never told me because friend lists are separated by region, I guess? That must be why I never got it, I apparently had to log out of US battle net and log into europe to see your request? The hell is that?!

I'll be so glad when this game is on Steam. JFC

2 years ago by Mikey

tgq7mVdaEyyoQn7SLyZhJOz5GMZEYKG45HXJb4bf.jpeg@Lysdestic  oh man, tell me about it :D