Destiny 2 Solstice 2023: How does it work? Full Guide & Details

By Mikey 2 months ago, last updated 2 months ago

It's that time of year, Destiny 2's annual Solstice event is back. Now, this event has evolved over the years and can be confusing, so it's always good to have a quick recap on how to unlock the armor glows this year, or how to unlock the new Strand Rocket Launcher "Crowning Duologue".

So, here's how I understand the Solstice 2023 Event gameplay loop:

Ensure you are wearing your Sunlit Armor given to you by Eva Levante for the entirety of the event, just to be safe.

Run activities that are not Bonfire Bash (e.g. Vanguard Ops, Gambit, Crucible) to earn Silver Leaves

While doing these activities, ensure you're also ticking off event challenges from your event card in order to earn Kindling.

Once you have a nice amount of Silver Leaves you then need to run a Bonfire Bash to burn those leaves and turn them into Silver Ash.  As an aside, within the Bonfire Bash you do not need to be right next to the Bonfire in order to throw the firelighters at the bonfire, the balls have a decent amount of tracking on them.

Once you have Silver Ash and Kindling you can then inspect your Sunlit Armor and there's two extra mod slots. One which you can slot Kindling into, with varying amounts, Small, Large or Fully Rekindled.

Then once you have slotted your Kindling you can slot your Silver Ash into the final mod-slot in order to imbue the Armor with Embers.

Repeat this loop until your entire Armor set is Fully Rekindled, so this will need to be done for all Sunlit Armor pieces that are not your class item. This will unlock the glows for your entire armor set, and that changes based on your currently equipped subclass. 

It's my understanding that you can then choose to convert these armor sets with the glows into universal ornaments through the transmog system.

Once that's all done you should be nearly done with your Event Card, and you can claim the Flamekeeper title for 2023. Hopefully you get some god-rolled rocket launchers, shotguns or hand cannons, and some high stat rolled armor.

Happy Solstice, Guardians.


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