Destiny 2 will get Back To The Future style hoverboards for Guardian Games All-Stars

By FileTrekker 2 months ago, last updated 2 months ago

I can't actually recall the last time Bungie added a new vehicle to Destiny 2 - in fact, I believe this might be the first new vehicle type we've seen added to the game since it released - and it's a doozie - as players will now be able to zoom around planets Back To The Future style on your very own hoverboard, at least during the 2024 Guardian Games All-Stars event.

The new hoverboard, also known as The Skimmer, which in turn is named Allstar Vector (not at all confusing) - will be completely free to keep, as long you complete the event quests required to unlock it, of course.

And if you're wondering whether you'll be able to Tony Hawk's Pro Guardian around the place, the answer is yes. The Allstar Vector will allow you to grind rails and do various flips and tricks, in addition to cruising around looking Marty McFly. You'll also be able to mount them sideways rather than straddling as you do with the Sparrow.

To grab the board, you'll need to complete the onboarding quest given by Eva Lavente at the Tower during the Guardian Games event, which kicks off next week on the 5th of March - but note you'll also need to complete the drop-in quest in order to keep the board forever.

There's a second, different variation available to purchase from the Eververse store, too, which Bungie says is “inspired by a beloved Destiny weapon.”


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