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Published by Digz 3 weeks ago , last updated 3 weeks ago

It's been a difficult year for Bungie and it's game Destiny, with a drop in sales and the recent split with Activision some would think the developer would turn its attention to other things, but not Bungie! In a post by Luke Smith, the games Franchise Director reiterates their commitment to the game and their players by announcing that they're working hard on new content such as making sure they're releasing content for the annual pass and re-working how new updates come into the game. There was a lot of discussion about the Black Armoury and how they want to make sure there is a balance between getting the player progression throughout the game as players couldn't jump into the new content due to the power requirements, they are also looking at how to get newer players or returning players progressing faster or "catching up" to ensure all can enjoy newer and end game content.

Luke finishes off with the following which will reassure players and fans of the studio that shows Bungie are up for the fight of making Destiny 2 a success:

Long-term, Bungie is committed to Destiny. We created the universe and we hold its future entirely in our hands. The vast majority of the team is hard at work envisioning future experiences, enemies, and ways to play the Guardian you've been building since 2014. We're going to keep doing that. 

We're thinking about what it means to be truly independent, what it means to self-publish, and crucially, what Destiny's future can now look like for our players. 

It was a busy Fall, and it is going to be a busy year. 

When I look ahead and think about Destiny and where it could go, I see a bright future, with roots in a memorable past. Not everything has been lost in the dark corners of time.  

You can read the full post here.

Comments on this Article
3 weeks ago by Mikey

They need to sort out the Black Armory issue.

Players who buy the annual pass still need to level up quite significantly (past previous level cap) in order to even access the content they've purchased, which if you cannot play raids is quite a joke.

3 weeks ago by Digz

Totally agreed, they need to think about this a lot more than shoving in new content and then wondering how players will get to it later. Hopefully they've learned from it and won't repeat the same mistake which I genuinely believe they have.