Destiny: Easy Vanguard Marks – Earth Public Events Guide

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Published by GameFront Staff 8 years ago , last updated 4 years ago

Blast your way through Public Events post-Level 18 to earn fast Vanguard Marks in Destiny with our handy guide explaining where and when to go hunting for Fallen on Earth.

There are tons of ways to earn marks, and if you’re a Strike Playlist master with a clan and plenty of friends to form Fireteams with this isn’t the best method for you. But if you’re playing solo and want a calm run through Old Russia, give this Public Event route a try.

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Easy Vanguard Marks – Earth Public Events Farming Guide

Work-in-Progress: Know more ways to earn Vanguard Marks? Let us know!

Vanguard Marks are a special form of currency traded to Vanguard vendors found in the Hall of Guardians in the center of the Tower.

Marks can be earned at Level 18 and above from completing Daily Heroics, Weekly Strikes, Strike Playlists, Vanguard Bounties, and Public Events.

Those are all good methods, but if you want to farm Vanguard Marks without playing difficult Strike Playlists, and don’t want to have to wait for daily or weekly events, completing Public Events is a good option.

4 Vanguard Marks are awarded per Public Event completion. Earn 24 Vanguard Marks per hour by traveling through the Cosmodrome, hitting several Public Events in a row at three locations. Each Public Event listed below has a thirty minute respawn counter.

Earth Public Events – Completion List

To earn 24 Vanguard Marks an hour, hit three Public Events while on the Old Russia – Patrol mission. It’s easier to complete with a full Fireteam, but these Public Events can be done solo.

  • 1. The Divide – Devil Walker Public Event
    Spawn Timer: :15 / :45 Past the Hour
  • 2. The Mothyards – Random Public Event
    Spawn Timer: :30 / :00 Past the Hour
  • 3. Forgotten Shores – Fallen Captain Public Event
    Spawn Timer: :10 / :40 Past the Hour

Devil Walker Combat Tips

To quickly defeat the Devil Walker, wait until the legs glow after it lands. Shoot each leg to stun the Walker and expose a glowing weak point in the neck. Switch legs after each stun — once destroyed, a leg can’t be broken a second time.

Rockets and Sniper Rifles are effective against the Devil Walker’s weak points. Any powerful weapons are good enough, but accurate directed damage works best.


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