Destiny: Golden Loot Chests Locations Guide

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Published by GameFront Staff 8 years ago , last updated 4 years ago

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Load up on loot with the secret golden chests hidden away on every planet in Destiny. There are five loot boxes per zone, scattered throughout and available to collect in free-roam. Don’t miss one of these chests and claim your rare gear with the list of locations below.


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Golden Loot Chests Locations Guide


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Earth Golden Chests



Finding all 5 Golden Chests on Earth unlocks the S-20 Nomad Speeder.

  • Chest #1: Restoration – Continue through the mission until you reach the “Return to Dock 13″ objective, prompting you to follow a waypoint upstairs. Go up and turn left, then enter the interior room to find a desk below with the first gold chest.
  • Chest #2: The Dark Within – Defeating the Hive Wizard boss at the end of the mission, look for some platforms in the back of the room you can jump on top of. Use the devices to reach the ceiling with crates and along the back wall.
  • Chest #3: The Warmind – Going after the waypoints to the Forgotten Coast, you’ll enter an area with a watery creek. Look for a cave along the left canyon wall. Jump up the rocky hill and run to the dead end to find the chest.
  • Chest #4: The Warmind – At the Forgotten Coast itself, go down to the water on your left after exiting the straight canyon path, then following the rock cliffs back around, sticking to the left wall to find a hidden hill of rocks with the chest on top.
  • Chest #5: The Devils’ Lair – In the arena with Sepiks Prime, drop down to the lower area beneath the catwalks, on your right from the entrance, to find the last chest near pipes. There’s a flare stuck in the ground next to it, marking it’s position.

Moon Golden Chests


  • Chest #1: From the starting point on the Moon, take your speeder down the road to the Hellmouth. Fly past the structures to the road with red lights and you’ll exit out to a crater on your right with an outcropping of rocks to the left. Look on the hill to find the first chest.
  • Chest #2: The World’s Grave – Enter the first cave with the metal entrance to find a spiral path leading down to a murky puddle of water at the base of the last ramp down. There’s another dark cave in the water with a hidden chest.
  • Chest #3: The World’s Grave – In the last combat room of the mission, look on the rocky walls below the library objective, near the pool of water. Jump down from the platform to spot it.
  • Chest #4: The Dark Beyond – Enter the Temple of Crota from the first Moon story mission and travel down to the lowest section. There’s a tricky chest hidden in the fog below the ship in the bottomless crevices. Jump to the platform and look down and right from the stairs to spot this hard-to-find loot chest.
  • Chest #5: The Summoning Pits – At the end of this Strike Mission, you’ll have to fight a massive boss monster. Defeat it then jump onto the lower platform below the main arena overlooking the huge bright blue light in the distance. Hop down and look in the lower right corner.

Venus Golden Chests


  • Chest #1: A Stranger’s Call – Traveling through the large building’s stair entrance and taking the wrecked floor down toward the Ishtar Commons you’ll enter a dark blue-lit path with ankle-deep water. On a fallen unit behind one of the concrete pillars you’ll find a gold chest out in the open.
  • Chest #2: The Scourge of Winter – Going down toward the boss arena you’ll encounter a cave with a large hole allowing sunlight to pour in. Across the area there’s a gold chest up on the rocks. Take the winding dirt path up and make a running jump to the hard-to-reach high rock platform. This is all before going outside to face the alien ship.
  • Chest #3: The Scourge of Winter – On the docked ship at the end of the mission, go up the ramps on the right. Jump over the railing and look on the platform on the back of the ship to find another hidden chest.
  • Chest #4: Ishtar Collective – Entering the rainy Campus 9 area, run to the far end of the zone and double jump over the structure near the concrete ledge to find a chest hidden away.
  • Chest #5: Nexus Strike – Travel into the Ishtar Commons and down into the N/Gen Branch during the Strike or in Patrol. Just as you enter the N/Gen Branch where the title appears, turn right and go up the steps to reach an office with cubicles. One of these cubicles is keeping an easy gold chest.

Mars Golden Chests


  • Chest #1: Starting from the Barrens spawn point, follow the path to the first circular structure. Through the nearest entrance you should be able to see the first gold chest on a stack of orange-ish crates to the left.
  • Chest #2: Enter the dusty tunnels located between the Barrens and the Hollows. At the last turn before entering the Hollows, stop when you see the light of the open area ahead and look straight up. There’s a wrecked platform hanging from the ceiling. Double jump up onto the white hole to find an alcove with the chest to your right.
  • Chest #3: Travel to the Dust Palace and look for a room in one of the dark corners marked with a white “3″ — there’s a pillar attached to the steps nearby painted with a “35″ in white. Go inside the small room and look behind the desk to get another chest.
  • Chest #4: Go down into the Iron Line tunnels. Before going through the Legion’s Keep door, turn left and jump onto the blue pipes jutting from the wall above. Use the pipes to jump even high up onto an abandoned dark ledge. Now jump onto the top of the door to reach the ledge on the opposite side where the next chest is residing.
  • Chest #5: Entering Tharsis Junction, travel back to the Hive portal near a painted “2″ — there’s a room behind the gate with some crates. There an alcove in the back left corner of the room with pipes and the final gold chest.

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