Destiny: How to Earn Unlimited Glimmer – Easy Cash Farming Guide

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Published by GameFront Staff 8 years ago , last updated 4 years ago
Escape the poorhouse in Destiny and start purchasing the best gear, Sparrows and spaceships with some of our quick and easy glimmer farming methods.

Naturally, the further you go in the campaign, the more options you’ll have to earn some fast cash. But, if you’re just starting out it can be tough to cobble funds together. Keep scrolling to see our Earth-bound methods for getting money early on Old Russia, or later in the story campaign when you’re ready to explore.

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How to Earn Unlimited Glimmer – Easy Cash Farming Guide

Work-in-Progress: Uncovered more methods for earning tons of glimmer? Let us know in the comments!

There are multiple ways to earn tons of glimmer in Destiny, but some require you’ve played further in the game than others. Check out the methods below and decide which is best for you based on Level and the expected amount of Glimmer you can farm.

Since release, loot chests no longer give big glimmer rewards like in the beta.

Disassembling Gear: Don’t forget that you can disassemble gear you’re no longer using in the inventory menu. Deconstructing removes the item from your inventory then rewards you with some glimmer and materials.

Ether Seeds: To earn even more money in combat, always use consumable Ether Seeds. They’re dropped randomly by Fallen enemies, and increase glimmer drops from Fallen enemies for 10 full minutes. Don’t forget to use them while farming. There are different item types for each enemy group, so check your consumables list often.

Low Level Glimmer Farming (Level 4):

Start the mission “The Warmind” and fight to the end of the stage where your Ghost will interface with the Warmind. Before interacting with the objective, use a glimmer consumable (If you’ve got them) to boost your earnings.

Waves of Hive enemies will appear. Wipe them out until the large final boss enemy appears. Let one of the last enemies kill you. Try to save a different Hive enemy so that you can kill the boss instead, earning better rewards per run. There is no penalty for dying, except for spawning at the checkpoint.

Let the last enemy kill you, then rinse and repeat. Repeat the defense section until your glimmer consumable’s 10 minutes of effect are depleted. Pop another and continue.

This method earns about 1,000 glimmer every 10 minutes, or about 6,000-7,000 glimmer every hour.

Post-Earth Glimmer Farming (Level 14+):

Travel to the Moon story mission “Shrine of Oryx” — a level 8 requirement, but it’s better to be higher level to earn glimmer as fast as possible. Set it to “Hard” difficulty or higher to make this method work.

Look for “Hallowed Acolytes” in the large room with a pit to your left. It’s found after two combat rooms and two large tube hallways. They’re the ones with yellow bars. Kill these enemies to earn 45 glimmer each.

Enter the area where 7-9 of these tough enemies spawn and wipe them out in just a few minutes. You’ll know you’re in the right area when the ghost says “There’s the Shrine! Find a way through!”

When they’re defeated, jump into the pit on the left to die instantly and repeat the section with the high-value yellow health bar enemies.

There’s a checkpoint right before this room. Follow the ramp up and defeat the first group of yellow enemies, then jump down to defeat the second. Use grenades and Super Charge to make it even faster.

Ignore the Ogre and Dregs, killing the higher-valued enemies with each few-minute run. You can gain about 4,000 glimmer every ten minutes by repeating this process — that’s 24,000 glimmer per hour of farming.

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