Destiny: Legendary & Rare Engrams — Fast Loot Farming Guide

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Published by GameFront Staff 8 years ago , last updated 4 years ago

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Looking to level up the Cryptarch and get a chance to earn some purple legendary gear in Destiny? There’s one place on the Moon where you can maximize your minion kills and earn tons of glimmer, gear, and most of all engrams. While engrams aren’t the most reliable way to earn legendary weapons, the volume of engrams will guarantee you’ll unlock something worthwhile.


Check out this easy method that works at all levels in the full guide below. For more farming tips and tricks, stop by the Destiny cheats list where we’ve got additional promo codes and Easter eggs to explore. If you’re looking for help with the main campaign, browse our huge Destiny walkthrough for boss strategies and step-by-step mission guides.

Legendary & Rare Engrams — Loot Farming Guide


Work-in-Progress: Got your own methods for farming engrams? Let us know in the comments!


This method works at all levels — legendary and rare engram drops have the same probability no matter what level you are compared to your enemies.

Old Russia – Skywatch Unlimited Loot Cave Method (Level 4+):


((Note: 9/25 Hotfix has nerfed this method.))


Once you gain access to the “Old Russia – Patrol” mission around Level 4, head toward the Skywatch area. You spawn at the Steppes. Take the left path through the Mothyards and Lunar Complex to find Skywatch. It’s an area with tons of helicopter wreckage.


There’s a small cave where Hive Thrall and Acolytes endlessly spawn. Throw grenades, fire rockets, or just unload ammo with a Fireteam or solo to easily exploit this cave. Just keep shooting into the cave and an infinite supply of random drops will be your’s.


To find the cave, enter Skywatch through the Lunar Complex and take the dirt path around the metal structure. Jump past the truck wreckage to find a Hive area with some fallen chunks of concrete. Ahead of the concrete is a low cave entrance built into the rock wall. That’s where the Hive enemies spawn.


This is a crazy way to earn XP, glimmer and rare or legendary engrams. Stand back and just keep shooting, then collect your giant pile of loot later. Don’t worry, drops are always linked to individuals so nobody can steal your stuff.

The Dark Beyond Engram Method



Load the Moon mission “The Dark Beyond” and work to the cutscene where the large Hive door opens up after three seals disintegrate.


Once you’re back in control, you’ll trigger a checkpoint. A large swarm of Hive Thrall and Knights will spawn on the other side of the door and attack.


Wipe out the Thrall but don’t touch the Knights. The Knights have a higher chance of dropping Engrams but defeating them will trigger a new checkpoint. We don’t want to do that.


Instead, use the huge group of spawning Thrall all crowded together in the hallway to quickly defeat as many as possible. Use grenades or your class abilities to kill the wave of Thrall, clear out the rest, then let the Knights kill you. Set the mission to harder difficulties if you’d like to be killed faster.


After dying, repeat the process until you’re satisfied. The Thrall will drop engrams and gear, so you might get lucky with a legendary drop.

Getting Rare and Legendary Engrams


The goal is to collect as many legendary engrams as possible. Rare engrams are useful for finding gear to break down and earn extra materials to help you unlock perks on legendary gear.


Earning tons of engrams will also increase your Cryptarch level, giving you access to better and better engrams daily.


Your inventory will fill up fast. Take time inbetween killing Thrall to dismantle green gear. While rares are nice, legendaries are what you’re really hunting for.


This method also earns tons of money, and it’s a good way to unlock fast Motes of Light and Strange Coins to use with the special Exotic vendor Xur, Agent of the Nine.

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